What could be better and attractive smiling girl DJ, with nine lentil experience, through which the girl DJ lights the dance floor from the first minute set? In this, such a ruthless show business, is now a lot of girls DJs, yes, but it is a fact, answer yourself honestly, all of them left in the heart of his guest’s next?

And if you need to show unprecedented, unique simply did not exist, then let me introduce Francheska DJ. Combining the natural grace, beauty, talent and connecting it all with a fierce energy that overwhelms her during performances, always becoming memorable, in which it carries along with individual musical taste unbridled drive emotions and happiness.

This is to appreciate the tens of thousands of fans from all over the country, and not only — all this creates a distinctive image of Francheska DJ. 2:00 you will enjoy a glamorous-Commercial house, tech-house, as well as fashionable today, and eventech, pop songs, in an exclusive remixes and all of this together with a magnificent smile, that’s crazy Pernet and pleasantly pleased with the girls.


Hearing and seeing Francheska dj just one time, you’ll never forget that name. Speech by Francheska DJ is a time of freedom, when people are the most stringent rules allow a good madness. Francheska DJ has something to surprise you and satisfy the appetite of the most demanding audience, its presentation will not leave you indifferent and zadenut for a living, even the most modest guest.